What we do

Do you wish you loved your work? Do you dream of feeling fulfilled? Do you want to enjoy life rather than just making it through each day?

Your Best Life coaches work with people just like you to help cut through the confusion to clarity. To know exactly what you want, to be clear about how to get there, and to be able to take the action you need to make that happen.

How life coaching works

Life coaching works on the principle that no one knows what you need better than you, but you might need some support and structure to get to the answers. From our base in the heart of the City, we work with clients to help them rediscover their values, passions and ambitions, agree what they need to do to move forward, and then put in place the strategies to make this happen.

Curious about how life coaching could work for you?

Then let’s do a free short session together so you can experience it for yourself. We’ll book a 50-minute call where we’ll dig down into your core values and think about what’s missing in what you currently do. As a result, you’ll already feel clearer about what you want to change. It’s just a snapshot of how we would work together but many people find it immediately brings them a new clarity.

How we can work together


We work with busy, successful people with multiple demands on their time, so our sessions are 50 minutes long – allowing you to fit them into your work day. We coach in person, over Zoom or on the phone, depending on what works best for you, and can do a mixture – in person when you’re in London or by phone if you’re travelling for example.

To start with, we work on the basis of either weekly sessions for three months or fortnightly sessions for six months, at a cost of £2,475 for 13 sessions. You can pay monthly, or we offer a 10% discount if you pay up-front.

For most people, that’s the right amount of time to achieve the goals we agree together at the start, though some find this work so helpful they keep going for longer. And many people come back in future, as their lives change and new challenges present themselves.

An investment in yourself

We know it might feel like you just don’t have time for any other commitment, that it’s a big financial investment to make or that you doubt that life coaching can work for you.

But you know you need to make a change. There should be no more important call on your time than making the right decision, and getting it wrong can be much more expensive than any time with a life coach.

If you're still not sure it can work for you, let’s jump on a call and explore that. Click here to book you free session.

These people did:

You let me really dig deep within myself to resolve issues and bring the changes I wanted to see in my life.

I feel better equipped to make decisions that are right for me and that are consistent with my personal values.

I now have techniques to help me cope with both times of major life change and more minor day to day challenges and moments of self doubt.

My coach was empathetic, non judgmental, supportive and empowering. He pushed me to visit uncomfortable places but you always know he’s right there to help you guide your way.

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