You’re not broken. And we’re not going to try to fix you.

Instead we focus on (re)connecting you with the enormous power and potential that has always been within you. Enabling you to see with absolute clarity what you want your life to be about. Empowering you to know with total certainty the action you need to take to create a more meaningful future right now. Supporting you emotionally and practically to be your best self and to live your best life. 

Coaching with us 

​​We know that life is so busy that there’s no time to focus on yourself. So we design our sessions and coaching programmes that fit around you, with a range of options, including a standard 50 minute session that can slot into a space in a busy working day, flexibility to move sessions around to suit your busy schedule, and the option to do a session over the phone or Zoom if you’re out of town or stuck at home with a sick child. [During lockdown all of our sessions are happening over Zoom or the phone.] 
​​We know that investing in coaching might feel self-indulgent, selfish and even wasteful. But we’ve seen time and again how this investment pays itself back many times over, with new successful careers, rescued relationships and happier lives. Whatever else is on your plate, there is no more important priority than the work you do on yourself to achieve your potential, make more of a difference in this world, and show up with integrity and joy with those around you. 
​​We know that you want to be sure it can work before you commit. And that you’ve tried lots of things already, so come with high ambition but low expectation. We get it and we know that there’s nothing that makes it easier than just experiencing it. So we make our first session free, so you can take action with the knowledge of what coaching can do for you. 
Next Steps

​​If you’re ready to start your more meaningful future today, here is how you can work with Your Best Life.

Life Flow
For when you’re stuck in a rut and need a hand to get your life back into flow. To rediscover your passions. To find work that really makes a difference. To be the partner and parent you want to be. To bring some fun back into your life. To find contentment and balance. To know how to deal with the difficult days and really enjoy the easy ones. Life coaching to create a meaningful, fulfilling life. 
​​For those with a desire for a more fulfilling career, our Transform Career Coaching programme helps you get clear on what you want your life and career to be about, connects that to exciting and meaningful careers, and then creates the action plan to make that happen.

What our Clients are saying


“I immediately felt able to trust and be open and honest with my coach. I felt listened too and respected, and that we could work together to achieve the best from the coaching sessions. My coach was able to flex and adapt sessions, tailoring them on request. Being able to revisit thoughts and feelings beyond the sessions has since proved successful in allowing me to feel confident in my actions.”


The coaching I received helped me to really dig deep with myself to work on issues that allow the changes I wanted to see in my life.”


My coach helped me clarify so many aspects of my life, and boosted my pitiful self esteem which is always a bonus! I feel stronger, less negative, less doubtful, more hopeful.”


Who will my coach be?
You can check out our coaches here. After our initial call, we’ll match you with a coach that we think will suit your needs and is able to take you on right now. If you have any preferences, please do let us know. 
When can I start?
As long as we have availability, as soon as we’ve sorted payment, you can start right away. 


What if I need to cancel a session?
As long as you give us 48 hours notice, we’re happy to reschedule. 


Where do sessions take place?
Normally all our sessions take place in person in our offices at 1 Poultry, at Bank in the heart of the City of London. Whilst Coronavirus restrictions are in place, all of our sessions are taking place remotely, via Zoom or over the phone if you prefer. Even when we are back up and running in person, we are always happy to do sessions remotely if you are travelling, looking after a sick child or working from home.


How are coaching sessions scheduled? Do they always have to be at the same time?
We schedule your first session with you when you first sign up. After that you agree the time and date of your sessions directly with your coach. You can choose to have the same time each week (providing that’s available) or move it around to suit your schedule. 
How much does the programme cost?
Our Transform programme costs £2,475. You can pay upfront or monthly. 


What happens if I get a job/change my mind/just don’t like it during the Programme?
We’re happy to refund any unused sessions cancelled with at least two weeks’ notice or to issue a credit for use by you or someone else in future. We can’t refund missed sessions.


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