Ultimate CV Masterclass

Ready to Stop Worrying About Whether Your CV will Get You Through the Door?

Then I've Got Something For You

This masterclass is for you if you are ready for that promotion, new job or career change that you've been thinking about all summer.

Ultimate CV will show you how to write a CV that will get you off the Maybe pile and in for interview.

In this masterclass I will teach you the human psychology behind which CVs get picked and which CVs get missed. 


We'll cover the must-haves and asbolute-avoids. 


And you'll even get a bonus template CV for you to use – the most simple, clean and beautiful layout I always recommend. 


Ultimate CV is not your typical CV workshop.

Because we won't just focus on what's on the page – we'll go deep into how you need to be thinking about yourself, your worth and your value in the job market before you type a single word.

It's this clarity and confidence that makes all the difference.

A knock-out CV begins with knowing with utter certainty that no one else in the world can do what you do.  

In case we're just meeting, I'm Josh…
I'm the Career Coach that has helped hundreds of people just like you go from feeling stuck in jobs that no longer work for them to thriving in careers of fulfilment, balance and income.
My work is so powerful because we don't just focus on the job. Instead we go deep into who you are at this point of your life, what has meaning for you and how you can live your purpose.
Get that clear and everything changes. 
Whether it's a new job you want or a whole new career, success starts with knowing who you are. 
Ultimate CV Masterclass

Is Your Gateway To A New Start

Live Workshop 


Tuesday 23 August

And Receive The Replay If You Can't Join Live

Go VIP with me personally reviewing your CV

NOW Is The Time To Get Ready To Hit The Ground Running When The Job Market Roars Back To Life In September





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