The 13-week 1-2-1 career change coaching programme that will help you nail your dream job, reclaim your mojo and finally step into the life you want to be living.



This program is not for you if…


You already have a job you love

You feel passionate and excited about what you do

Your career is fully aligned with your values, allowing you to have real impact


You have great work life balance and can work flexibly around the needs of your family

You are able to show up as the kind of parent and partner that you want to be
You have time, energy and space for yourself
Your life is filled with ease, fun and laughter.

But you’re in the right place if…


You are exhausted, over-stretched and burnt-out by juggling work and family


You worry and feel guilty about the impact your work is having on your kids


You feel passed over, under-valued and unseen


You find yourself dreaming of a more balanced job, working for yourself, or moving to somewhere quieter but don’t know what that would look like or how it could pay the mortgage?


You want to do work that you’re passionate about, that has value and that does good in the world


You want to feel relaxed, empowered and confident in your own skin


It’s time for life to be fun and easy again

Can you imagine what it would be like when…


you’re jumping out of bed every morning to do work that you feel inspired by


you’re proud that what you do is making the world a better place for your kids


your work is so aligned to your skills and talents that it feels easy and energising


you have such an abundance of time for your kids, your partner and yourself that you don’t need to make compromises


you have rock solid confidence in who you are and nothing and no one can phase you


what you do is so valued that you are paid great money to do it


life is easy, fun and full of laughter.

I know what you’re thinking…

It sounds like a totally unrealistic pipe dream. So far from your current reality that it’s just not possible, not for you at least. You have no idea what you could do that you would feel that passionate about and that would still pay the mortgage. And even if you could work that out, you don’t have the time, money or energy to retrain and start again.

And you’re just not sure you have it in you any more. Maybe twenty years ago but not now.

You’ve been looking out for other jobs, weighing up your options, making lists, but getting nowhere. And truly, it’s not your fault. The way we’re taught to problem solve – research, options, pros and cons – just doesn’t cut it when it comes to creating a different way of living. Because that cannot start with a list of jobs. It has to start with you, and that’s the hard part.

I get it, I really do.

I used to be where you are right now…

A demanding career in politics that had taken twenty years to build but that – after coming back to work from two separate years’ of Adoption Leave – left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. Continual guilt at how little time I got to spend with my kids, and how tired and shouty I could be when I was with them. Constant stress and worry that I was about to drop a ball at work, or be found out for all of those I already had dropped. Rock bottom self-confidence and a gnawing fear that I just wasn’t up to this. And a desperation for a different life, with absolutely no idea how to make it happen.

But late one night on a plane flying home from a family trip to China, with my daughter asleep beside me, I watched the Amy Winehouse documentary Amy. I heard how her Dad being out every evening through her teens had contributed to the emotional damage, eating disorders and alcoholism that had eventually killed her. I decided there and then to stop kidding myself that I was making this work and to make a change. I didn’t know what to and I didn’t know how. But that didn’t matter.

The decision was made.

That was just five years ago but today life couldn’t be more different.

I now do work that changes lives, and that crucially has changed mine, and have a coaching business helping hundreds of working parents to make the change that I did. Working half the amount of time I did before, earning more than I ever have, and most importantly giving me an abundance of time to be the parent and husband I want to be. Being able to live a life aligned to my values, having the impact that I want, with the balance that I decided that night was no longer negotiable. Radical self-acceptance. Ease and presence. Fun.

That moment on the plane was when I made the decision and when my life changed. When I decided that enough was enough, that life was too short, and that I wasn’t going to live like that any more.

And my life today flowed from there.

“Taking the step to work with Josh has been one of the best and most empowering decisions I have made in my adult life. I'd spent years going round in circles trying to figure out what to do next. I was truly exhausted by it. Working with Josh has allowed me to find the potential within and truly believe in myself and what I have to offer the world. It has been a journey of pure self-discovery, one I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend”


Let me introduce you to the framework that changed my life and that I now use to do the same with my clients.

It’s called…

The Transform Framework

This framework combines the five essential elements of a successful career change and the radically rebalanced life it will give you.

It’s a beautiful mixture of practical learning, mindset mastery and personal growth. 

It’s purposefully big and bold to power you out of the rut that you’ve become stuck in and into a new way of thinking and a new way of living. 

And it all comes together in….

An 13-week 1-2-1 coaching programme, where you will create a life-changing vision of a career that is perfectly fitted to who you are and how you want your life to be, and then put in place the step-by-step plan to take that career from vision to reality.

Designed specifically for working parents, Transform is for that moment in life when the career you’ve worked so hard to build up no longer has any meaning for you. When meeting the needs of children, work and home leaves nothing left for you. And when the exhaustion, guilt and sense of failure have knocked your confidence to the ground.

It is born of personal experience of the point in life when you don’t want to compromise any more, and when it’s time for your work to finally align with your family, your values and your own needs.

And it’s probably the only thing right now that will be all about you.

Because the foundation of Transform is getting back in touch with who you are and what you want this life to be about…


Reconnect with your values, passions and beliefs so that your career can be aligned with who you are

Define your purpose so that the work you do has the impact on the world that will leave you feeling fulfilled

Recast the success stories, experiences and networks of your career that will be the foundations for its next phase

Get clear on the superpowers that are your priceless career capital [with our expert Strengths Coach Sarah]

Design your truly balanced working day, week and year, starting from what works for you, not the system

Learn your ideal working style, environment, organisation, routine and rhythm

Connect with what excites, inspires and motivates you in the widest range of jobs, careers, organisations and working lives

Create visions of aligned careers perfectly suited to you and the life you want to live, and then narrow it down to your one Dream Job.

Now we get practical, turning your Dream Job vision into a detailed, step-by-step roadmap to make it happen

Benchmark your current financial situation, experience, obligations and responsibilities, and the distance to go to your chosen career, and build a detailed, time-specific roadmap to systematically bridge each and every gap

Coaching through the barriers, hurdles and beliefs that will be your biggest challenge


In every pillar we work on the mindsets that will hold you back

Tackling the money and success mindsets that will whisper in your ear, try to keep you ‘humble’ and in your place, and cause you to hold yourself back

Surfacing the stories you’re telling yourself about why you can’t, why you’re not worth it, why you’re not that person, and revealing them for the lies that they are and always have been

Building radical self-esteem and powerful self-acceptance that will enable you to love yourself in a way that you never believed possible


“Working with you helped me value my worth and only apply for senior positions that really worked for me and my family”



“There's a fire inside me that had been put out. It's been relighted. Instead of living in the past and judging myself on what hasn't worked, I'm appreciating how everything I've achieved so far can be harnessed for new goals and directions”



I do not believe I would been in my newly promoted role, had I not embarked on this Transform journey. It is a decision I will never regret



“My life has changed drastically thanks to your coaching. You helped me to really dig deep within myself and work on issues that have allowed the changes I wanted to see in my life” 


And you also get these beautiful bonuses!

To support you better on your journey to your life of meaningful work and transformational balance, for the first time I’m adding in these additional bonuses to the programme!



  • Gratitude Practice Mini-Course
  • An Intro to the Power of Gratitude
  • Including 100 Daily Gratitude Prompts

RESET 1-2-1

  • A 1-2-1 with our Reset Coach Alejandra Arteta
  • Personalised Mindfulness
  • Build Your Own Toolbox of Mindfulness Practices


Reintroduce Fun into Your Life as it is Now

Guided Journey to Identify Your Fun Triggers

Quick Start Checklist

Sign up before 2pm on Wednesday 21st to secure all bonuses








Meet your coach

Hi! I’m Josh

I help working parents reset their careers so they can can enjoy lives of balance, fulfilment and ease.

After twenty years of corporate careerdom I was not being my best self and was not living my best life. Far from it. Over-stretched, over-worked and burnt out I knew something had to change. I made it off the treadmill and created a new life of balance, ease and meaning. Now I have my own business helping hundreds of working parents find the balanced life that I’ve created for myself.

And when I’m not coaching you’ll find me shaking my thang to noughties dance music, bingeing on Drag Race and being unnecessarily competitive on school projects (ask me about the giant carrot).

Josh - London Life and Career coach


“Thank you. You made a sizeable career change and move out of the city possible”


These are the most precious years

You don’t get them back.

For a long time I told myself I’d work less after this project, when it quietened down or when I’d got that promotion.

The thing is, there was always something. Always some reason why work had to take priority, always some reason why my mind was occupied with something else.

And the months and years ticked by.

Transform is designed to help you break that cycle and to reclaim life as you want to live it.

Your next career is calling you

What you get in Transform

If it was easy to make a successful midlife career change everyone would do it. I've built a programme that gives you expert one-to-one coaching, a tried and tested formula, and a tonne of extra support …







Golden Thread


Grateful You


Reset 1-2-1




but it’s available to you for £4,925.





3 monthly payments of



Who will my coach be?

Your main 121 coach will be Josh, who leads the Transform programme. You will also have one session with our Strengths Coach Sarah, plus your bonus Reset session with our Reset Coach Alejandra. 

When does Transform start?

Transform starts as soon as you are ready! You can schedule your first session whenever is convenient.

What happens if I’m away during the next 13 weeks?

That’s fine – as this is a 1-2-1 coaching programme, you can schedule your sessions to suit you and your existing commitments. The programme does not need to be completed in 13 weeks if you are going to have time away during that period. 

Do I need to schedule my coaching sessions at the same time each week?

No – we are totally flexible and you can schedule your sessions to suit your timetable, as long as we are available. You’ll get a personal link to book directly into Josh’s diary.

How much time commitment would I need to make?

Each coaching session (normally held weekly) is 50 minutes long. You will also need to schedule a separate call with our Strengths Coach Sarah, as well your bonus call with our Reset Coach Alejandra, both of which are 50 minutes. There is also some time needed to complete self-learning tasks between sessions – normally around an hour or so a week.


We have a No Questions No Quibble full refund guarantee for 14 days if you haven't started the programme

What if I need to cancel a session?

As long as you give us 48 hours notice, we’re happy to reschedule.

Is this a group coaching or self-study course?

No. This is one-to-one coaching. Sessions with your coach are held weekly over Zoom, supported by structured reflection in between. 

Still have questions?

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