The single biggest thing holding most people back from finding a career they love?

Going about the search the wrong way.

Because they’re looking for a job when they should be looking for themselves.

A career change is not about a job.

A career change is about aligning who you are with what you do.

Passion for what you do comes from bringing who you are and what you care about into your work.

So you have to know who you are first.

Trouble is, after twenty years of work, relationships, kids, birthdays, highs and lows, pandemics and just a lot of life, you don’t know who you are any more. In fact, you’ve no idea.

Which makes it pretty hard to align who you are with what you do.

And THAT'S what's keeping you stuck in a job that is grinding you down every day.

How would you like it if in the next 28 days you could get back in touch with who you are? Remember what makes you tick, what counts and what lights you up. Start to feel yourself again.

So you can connect with your purpose and exciting, inspiring and fulfilling work.

Sound good?

Well you’re in the right place.

If you’re stuck in your career because you don’t know who you are and so can’t know what you want to do, then it’s time to start to reconnect with you.

RECONNECT is your daily invitation to reconnect with your essence, your identity and your spark.

28 days of a single powerful question or inquiry delivered to your inbox every morning to help you get back in touch with who you are.

And build the foundation of your next exceptional career.

28 days of reconnection


Want to go VIP? 

28 days of reconnection

PLUS a 121 with me at the end to tie it together 

Go all in for £197

(Thinking of joining Transform in the future? Offset your Reconnect payment against the investment of Transform)

You'll receive your first daily invitation tomorrow.

Let's get acquainted (with yourself).





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