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Josh Peck Life and Career Coach

Josh Peck

About Josh

Founder and Head Coach

Josh founded Your Best Life after he stepped back from twenty years of working in politics. Juggling a full-time job, an elected position on his local council and two young kids, he found himself burnt out and unfulfilled by the one thing that had always been his passion.

Josh’s approach to life and career coaching is to start by helping clients reconnect with who they are and what they want their life to be about.  He works with them to find balance, contentment and fulfilment across all areas of their lives.

Having twice taken a year of leave to bring up his young kids, he often works with women looking to get back a sense of purpose and passion in what they do.

Clients often comment on Josh's gentle, supportive approach, and the humour he brings to his coaching. 

Life and career coach London

Angela Tomlinson

About Angela

Angela is a leadership and life coach. She is passionate about coaching through transition and loves working with clients going through significant change in their lives, including promotion, career change and new parenthood.

She specialises in helping clients find their purpose, in identity and belonging, and in balance and avoiding burnout. A former leader in London secondary schools, Angela also coaches potential leaders to improved self-belief and confidence.

She coaches with warmth and humour, underpinned by accountability.

Career and Life Coach London

Nina Beale

About Nina

Nina is a career and life coach who works with high performers at pivotal moments in their career. She loves coaching professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to find more fulfilment and meaning in their work, accelerate their current career progression or change career.

Nina supports clients through major life transitions such as becoming a parent or moving country, and has a particular expertise in working with clients to build confidence and courage in their personal and professional lives.

She combines her coaching expertise with a strong corporate background and understanding of business. Prior to coaching Nina spent 15 years in investment management in an investment bank and boutique fund manager. She achieved her MBA in 2008 from the Melbourne Business School and provides career coaching for a leading European business school.

Life and career coach London

Sarah Wheeler

About Sarah

Sarah had 17 years of leadership experience in finance and management consultancy prior to becoming a coach, including over 10 years at Deloitte. She combines her knowledge of the corporate world with her coaching expertise to help clients maximise their potential and achieve their goals. Her clients range from first-time leaders to VPs and Managing Directors, across industries including technology, financial services, consulting and media/advertising.

Sarah brings both creativity and structure to her coaching. She works with clients on leadership, personal branding, confidence, emotional regulation, communication and interactions with others.

Sarah is Your Best Life’s assessment specialist, accredited to deliver the Zircon BeTalent suite of research-based assessment tools

Life and career coach London

Alejandra Arteta

About Alejandra

Alejandra is an executive resilience and leadership coach with 12 years experience empowering individuals to grow the leadership capabilities needed to thrive.

Her work focusses on the impact that emotional intelligence, wellbeing and positive intelligence have on our capacity to exert greater influence through authenticity, empathy and assertiveness.

Alejandra works with a wide range of individuals and organisations, including CEOs, founders, executives and mid-level managers, from start-ups to large companies, charities and the public sector.

Life and Career Coach London

Kevin French

About Kevin

Kevin is a life and transformation coach, bringing a holistic approach to his coaching.

He is a strong believer that lasting transformation combines conceptual, emotional and somatic intelligence, integrating the body and mind. He uses a balance of humility and playful humour to help clients move forward.

Kevin's coaching relies on trust and openness, and on the client to taking responsibility for where you are now and where you want to be. By listening deeply, asking powerful questions, and using positive intelligence and visualisation techniques, Kevin focusses your attention on what really matters to you, the ‘being' and the ‘doing', and guides you towards the life you truly want.

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