In this second day of our five-day countdown to 1 January, I look at another way to decide what you want life to be about next year.

My 3 Words is a New Year practice made popular by marketing expert Chris Brogan.

Its power is in its simplicity.

You choose three words to guide your actions and choices over the year ahead.

When confronted by a decision you check-in with your three words, asking does this align with the focus I chose for this year?


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Each day lived according to three simple words.

For a whole year.

Consistent, simple, powerful.

The important thing is to choose words that have meaning for you – regardless of whether they would make sense to anyone else.

To make each one stand alone, rather than being a sentence.

And to be as active as possible, selecting verbs over adjectives or nouns.

Set them now, review them daily and keep them for the whole year.

So what are your three words for this coming year?


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