Would you like more fun in your life?

I would. LOTS more.

I have some. But not as much as I used to (pre-kids, pre-pandemic, pre-40s) and not as much as I want.

I want life to be really fun – full of play, joy and laughter.

The good stuff.

And I'm not prepared to leave that to chance any more.

After a lot of research I now know where I'm going wrong and I know how to fix it.

So I'm starting a quest – to consciously put fun back into the centre of my life where it belongs. 

Over the course of a month I'm going to work through what I know I need to do to reconnect with what I find fun, to take action to choose more fun more often, to strip out the fun-killers and to allow myself to be more fun.

And I'd love you to join me as I do. Because (spoiler alert) connecting with other human beings is one of the elements of real fun.

Over four weeks we'll get together for short workshops, do some exercises and challenges (nothing extreme or scary I promise!) and share our journey with each other.

So that together we start to have more fun.

Now I know that this approach – workshops, challenges, exercises – might sound the opposite of fun. But here's the thing – how much is fun just naturally showing up in your life right now? Not so much I'm guessing.

And there's a reason for that. A whole host of them in fact.

The way we're living, the things we're choosing aren't giving us the best chances of having fun.

So we need to consciously, intentionally choose to do something different.

And this is it.

So, are you in?

Four weeks. Four workshops. Lots of learning. 

A journey to put the fun back into your life.

Come join me.

Have More Fun

£97   £66

Want to go VIP? 

Have More Fun

PLUS a weekly 121 with me to go deeper

£444  £333

We start on Friday 29 April.

Let's have some fun (it's about time).


£97  £66


£444  £333

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