The Hidden Job Market: Uncovered

How to use the Hidden Job Market to get bigger, better, higher paid jobs
(even if you don't know what it is) 

Live from 12-1pm BST on Thursday 27 April

In this 60 minute workshop you will learn…


Why many of the most attractive job vacancies are NEVER advertised (so you know where to find them instead) 


How successful job hunters use the Hidden Job Market to secure better, more senior, higher paid jobs (so you can too) 


Simple strategies to break into the Hidden Job Market in sectors, markets, companies and countries where you have no existing network (that you can use for the rest of your career).

Importantly, this is NOT endless theory and case studies of other people who’ve done it. 

Instead I’m going to share what is working RIGHT NOW for real job hunters and teach you specific, usable strategies for breaking into the Hidden Job Market in your own chosen career.

Josh - London Life and Career coach

Hey, I'm Josh 

I’m a Midlife Career Change Coach, helping successful professionals create incredible second careers of fulfilment, balance and financial freedom. 

From working out what you want to do next to making it happen, I’ve helped hundreds of people turn their career dreams into a reality. 

Understanding the Hidden Job Market is one of the most powerful secrets you can possess when it comes to your next career move – whether you're changing career or not. 

And I’m going to share it all with you in this game-changing workshop. 

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What others have said about this masterclass

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