You're a generous giver


You give everything you have to the people that count on you.

You’re kind, loving and unselfish in the amount of time, energy and effort you put into making your loved ones happy.

You pride yourself on being the one your friends can always rely on. Whether they need a shoulder to cry on, an open door (and a no-questions-asked policy), or just someone to keep their secrets, it’s you they go to.

You love being this person, but holding so much space for everyone else means you’re often putting their needs before your own. And that’s meant you’ve been unable to give yourself the care you need.

It also means that sometimes people take advantage of you and your giving nature, and you’re starting to realise that many of the people you give so much of yourself to…give you far less back.

It’s time to release the overwhelm and create more balance in your life, so you can stop surviving, start thriving and finally create a life that serves you (both at home and at work).

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