Fun Lab 1 – Inquiries and Awareness


Now you've watched Fun Lab 1, I invite you to work through the inquiries below. These are prompts for the thinking that will support your own journey to having more fun.

Try to set aside a little time to work through them, journalling your answers. (If you haven't journaled before, just think of it as free writing – writing continuously without stopping, not judging or rereading what you're writing until you're done).

Inquiry 1: What is my intention?

What do I want to achieve by doing this? How do I want my life to be different when I've finished?

Inquiry 2: What do I believe about fun? What hang-ups and negative associations about fun might be lurking in the back of my mind? 

Inquiry 3: When do I remember having true fun in the past? Try to identify three to five experiences. What was I doing? Who was I with? What did it feel like in my body? 

A word of warning – it might take a little while for this answer to come so if you draw a blank when you first inquire, leave it to bubble away for a few days until the answer comes to you.

Awareness 1: As you go about your days this week, pay attention to when you experience Connection, Playfulness or Flow (separately or together).

There is no right and wrong to this so be gentle with yourself – there may be days when you don't notice any of these and you may more naturally experience some more than others right now. That's all ok – just note what's there now.

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