I f you've been thinking about working with a coach but haven't yet taken the step of making it happen because of some niggling doubts, then you're not alone. Clients often tell us that they'd wanted to get a coach for ages but had been put off by something that had been on their mind. 

For some it's the cost, for others a worry that they don't have time, or that they don't really know how it works, and for many an over-riding fear that it just might not work.  

Whatever it is, we doubt it's anything that someone else won't have asked us about before. And with a straightforward answer to each, we thought we'd make your life easier and put the most common concerns, and our response, into a blog for easy reference. 

We hope these are helpful but if there are any more, just drop us an email and we'll be happy to help.   

Concern 1 – I can't afford it

 This is probably one of the most common concerns people have about working with a coach, and understandably so, given that working with a well-qualified, experienced coach doesn't come cheap.

Our advice 

If this is one of your concerns, then try thinking about this in a different way. You've already got this far so you know that a coach might help you make a change that needs to be made. But focussing on the cost of coaching will make it a hard step to take. Instead you need to think about the value that coaching can deliver to you, as well as the cost of not having a coach. 

How much value would you put on having a job that you were really passionate about and that made you jump out of bed every morning for the next decade? How much financial benefit could there be in appreciating your real worth and getting a promotion or new job that properly reflects that? 

What would the cost be of moving out of London and hating it so much you have to move back in two years time, or slogging away to break into a new career, only to find that it's the wrong move?

Working with a coach is an investment that can both avoid costly mistakes and deliver benefits that far outweigh the initial investment. 

And if you're really unhappy with how things are right now, then perhaps the question is simply, can you afford not to get serious about changing your life by working with a coach? 


Concern 2 – I don't have the time 

We often hear from people who are worried that they just can't fit coaching into their already hectic life. We get it, with a busy home life and a demanding job, it can feel impossible to prioritise this kind of time on your own development. 

Our advice 

It's precisely because our clients lead busy lives that our standard session is 50 minutes long, enabling you to fit it into a lunch hour or between meetings. You can also switch between seeing you coach in person at our office and doing your session over Zoom or on the phone, meaning that you can do it wherever you are. And you can change the time and day of each appointment to fit around your diary. 

Moreover, if your life genuinely is so busy that you can't find 50 minutes to focus on your future, then something needs to change fast. A coach can help you with that.  

Concern 3 – My issue isn't career-related, it's more personal  

Sometimes people worry that the issue that they need coaching on is too personal, or not career-related enough. They imagine that we'll be a bit stumped without a big career change to work on. 

Our advice

Whilst other coaches focus purely on career coaching, we don't. We deliberately combine career and life coaching because we believe that it's impossible to separate the two. So whether it's working out what you want from your relationship, dealing with low self-confidence, feeling miserable about how you parent, wanting more fun in your life, or a million other things, we've got your back. Our rule is that we coach the whole person, whatever you bring. If you're ecstatically happy with your work, but have something else to get in order, you're still in the right place.  


Concern 4 – I don't know what coaching is

It's not so long ago that no one had even heard of coaching. Now most people have, but not many actually know what it entails. Which can be off-putting. Who wants to sign-up for something unknown?

Our advice

The truth is that coaching can take many forms, as it's essentially as one-to-one relationship with another human being and the best coaches will adapt their style to suit you. But at Your Best Life the basics are always the same – a focus on what your want your life to be about, time spent on the barriers that are stopping you achieving that, and action to turn that ambition into reality. 

It's hard to understand without experiencing it. Which is why we always offer a free no-obligation discovery session for anyone interested in working with one of our coaches.  


Concern 5 – It's not the right time for me 

Something we hear a lot is ‘I want a coach but it's not the right time for me'. 

Our advice 

There's never a right time. There will always be something. And every month that you wait is another month that you're not living the life you know you want. Chances are it's going to be as difficult in a year or two – you'll just have spent an extra year or two not doing what you want. There's no time like now. 

Concern 6 – I'm frightened about what might happen

Now this is a tough one. The thing holding some people back is that they're frightened of the change they know might happen if they allow themselves to really go for it. The upheaval of starting out again in a new career, the pain of making changes in a relationship, the apprehension of how different life could be once you admit out loud how much needs to change. 

Our advice 

The answers to all of our challenges are already inside of us. We just sometimes need some support to get to them. All of our coaching is based on the belief that no one is broken, no one needs fixing, and everyone is creative, resourceful and whole. Coaching is empowering, transformational and life-changing. It does lead to big, sometimes frightening changes, but you are always in control of how fast you go, and where. And we're always by your side as you do it. 


Concern 7 – It might not work  

Sometimes people just worry that it won't work.

Our advice

There are no guarantees. But we can tell you that we've seen time and time again how people's lives are transformed when they take the decision to work with a coach. 

It's a partnership. On our side we commit to action-focussed coaching that starts to create a more exciting future right away. From you we ask that you show up ready to change. Together, that makes for a powerful partnership that really does lead to magic. 

But don't take our word for it. Even a single coaching session can start to have an impact right away.

It's why we offer a free discovery call for anyone considering working with a coach. A full 50-minute coaching call, it gives you the chance to experience coaching for yourself and to talk about how we might work together. There's no hard sell and no obligation, just the opportunity to see how it works. You can book yours right now by clicking here. 


If you want to work with a coach to start creating a more meaningful life, then don't let unspoken fears or doubts stand in your way. If your concern isn't addressed here, drop us a line and let us know – we'll do everything we can to answer your questions.  

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