Change Career Now

Here is what is possible for you…


work that excites and inspires you


deep satisfaction and personal pride in the impact you create


a career so aligned to your skills and talents, it feels like play and pays you handsomely


an abundance of time for your family and friends, without compromise


unshakeable self-confidence and self-belief

Now doesn't that sound good?

I know, I know…

It sounds like a pipe dream. So far away that it’s just not possible – maybe for someone else (someone with clarity, ambition, drive?) just not for you.

After all, how can you change career when you’ve lost sight of your passion and still need to pay the mortgage on time?

And even if you can work all that out, you’re just not sure you have it in you any more. Maybe twenty years ago but not now.

Does this sound like you?


Exhausted, over-stretched and burnt-out in a job that feels pointless, and where you feel under-valued?


Or maybe resigned or having been made redundant and panicking about having to go back into a career that you know is not right for you?


Looking at other jobs, weighing up options, making lists but getting nowhere?


Dreaming of escaping the 9-5 but don't know what, or how, or how to make it pay?


Craving work that you’re passionate about, and that does good in the world?


Missing your old self confidence and self-belief?

If you’re nodding along, I want you to know, none of this is your fault: 

The way we’re taught to problem solve – research options, weigh up pros and cons – just doesn’t cut it when it comes to creating a different way of living. Because that has to start with you, and what you truly, truly want. That’s the hard part.

I know this because I was there too…

A demanding corporate career – that had taken me twenty years to build – left me empty and unfulfilled.

Continual guilt at how little time I could spend with my kids, and how tired and shouty I was after a day at the office.

A desperate desire for something else, something more, but with absolutely no idea what or how to make it happen. I was adrift.

Finally, enough was enough and I realised I could no longer tolerate what this situation was doing to me and my family. I knew I had make a change. I didn’t know what, or how, but the decision was made.

That was a few years ago but today life couldn’t be more different. My work changes lives, helps hundreds of people, in half the hours of my old job. My life is aligned to my values and creates the impact I craved.

I’m earning more than I ever have and, most important, have time: for me, and to be the parent and husband I want to be.

It all started with the decision that life is too short to spend it in a job that just didn't inspire me anymore.

“Working with Josh allowed me to find the potential within and truly believe in myself and what I have to offer the world. 

One of the best and most empowering decisions I’ve ever made”


Here’s the process that changed my life, and will change yours too:

The Transform Framework

This framework combines the three essential elements of a successful career change, to:

 – align who you are with what you do

– identify your rare and valuable offer, and

– create the powerful vision of how good work and life can be. 

All under-pinned by a radical and life-changing approach to self-confidence and self-acceptance. 

It’s a beautiful mixture of practical learning, mindset mastery and personal growth. 

It’s purposefully big and bold and it will power you out of the rut that you’re stuck in and into a new way of being. 

And I will walk you through it….

Transform is a 4-month group coaching programme where you will find your purpose and change your career.


Is this right for you?

This is for you if you’ve reached that moment when the career you’ve worked so hard on has lost meaning for you.

When meeting your responsibilities leaves nothing left for you.

When the knowledge that you're capable of so much more becomes impossible to ignore.

When you feel lost.

When you’re no longer prepared to compromise on your own happiness, and it’s time for your career to finally align with your joy, your values and your life outside of work.


“I was in a rut, searching for alternative jobs and reading self-help books. That strategy didn't work! 

With Josh's support and insight I am now completely clear on the direction to take my career and honestly, it feels incredible – my self confidence is soaring! 

Just take the leap and trust the process. It really does work.”



What do I get?


Three life-changing modules:

Module 1

In this first module you'll identify your unique Career DNA, mapping out exactly what your next career needs to deliver you fulfilment, balance and financial freedom.

Module 2

In this exciting second module you match multiple potential careers to that unique Career DNA and then narrow them down until you choose the perfect one for you. 

Module 3

In this crucial final module you'll create your bespoke step-by-step action plan to give you a roadmap to turn your career vision into reality.



Private and group coaching

Whenever you try to make big changes, negative thoughts and beliefs will whisper (or shout!), trying to maintain the status quo. With expert coaching, we can tackle those blocks that will hold you back from the biggest, most exciting and fulfilling version of your life.

Examining the stories you tell yourself about why you ‘can’t’, why you’re not worth it, why you’re not that person, will reveal them for the lies they are – and uncover new, more helpful thoughts and beliefs you can choose.

And we’ll build unshakeable self-acceptance, so you can believe in yourself in a way you may never have experienced.


Transformational Coaching  

Three powerful group coaching calls a month with Josh as well as a monthly private session with your 121 coach Hema

Online Course

The step by step online course covering essential career-change modules

30 videos and practical exercises

Superpower Assessment

Independent Strengths Assessment with our Strengths Coach Sarah to identify your Superpowers

Bonus Trainings

Immediate access to a library of additional training workshop and mini-courses, including

 Reignite Your Spark | Find your Fun mini-course | Time Management | Operationalise Your Goals 

Monthly Breathwork

Monthly Breathwork Session

Live Breathwork Session with our Breathwork Coach Aparajitha to help you access a greater level of knowledge and self-awareness

Breathwork Session

Resource library

Immediate access to a resource library of guides, classes and documents

Over 65 guides, How To's and

pre-recorded coaching calls

Transform Resource LIbrary

How you'll get Career Change Ready

What others say


“People who feel trapped in a corporate world or have no sense of purpose and direction of what they want in their life you can help A LOT – you’re like a rescuer of lost souls, and that is a beautiful thing..



“I was overwhelmed, burnt out and unhappy in my work after building a 15 year successful career. I'm now starting a career I love, on MY terms”



I am so happy and excited to have uncovered what I want to focus on in the next stage of my career! I feel so grounded and content.



I began the programme feeling I had reached a dead end; I emerged with a clear idea of my future career and how to go about achieving it. This is not so much a career-change course as life-changing”



I now have the work life balance I've craved for so long



I've learnt more about myself than I ever thought possible and I now know exactly what I want my next career to be. Josh has made the impossible possible



“I have reached a point I didn't think would happen – for the first time ever I feel excited about the next 20 years of my working life rather than depressed”



“This programme has me rediscovering my confidence and finding my superpowers. It has given me back my hope.“



“Thank you. You made a sizeable career change and move out of the city possible”



“I just didn't see how it could work for me. I knew I'd still be in this job in ten years time. Probably for life. Now I know that nothing would stop me. It's going to happen. I cant quite believe the transformation”


Hi! I’m Josh

And I’m happy to meet you. I’m a life coach with a specialism in midlife career change – helping people who want more to re-invent their career to one that truly supports them personally and financially, with balance and ease.

After twenty years in a corporate career, I designed a new life. Now I have my own business helping hundreds of people to get unstuck and unlock their perfect future careers.

And when I’m not coaching you’ll find me shaking my thang to noughties dance music, bingeing on Drag Race and being unnecessarily competitive on my kids' school projects (ask me about the giant carrot).

Josh - London Life and Career coach

Time is a resource we can't get back

For a long time, I used to tell myself I’d finally go all in on a new career ‘once things have quietened down at work’, or ‘when the kids are older,’ or ‘I've got that promotion.’

There was always something. Some compelling reason why now was not the right time to start.

The months and years ticked by. Thing is, the ‘not now’ was just my fear in disguise.

It’s time to break that illusion that ‘the right time’ is coming, and reclaim the life you want.

Your life is calling you

What is Transform

If it was easy to find your purpose and get paid for work you love, everyone would do it.

So I've built a programme to support you, with expert coaching, a proven formula, and a tonne of extras too …











But the cost is just £147 a week

Join Transform for just 

£147 per Week

(Pay in Full and Pay Monthly options available too)




All of the above PLUS

17 x Weekly Coaching Sessions with Josh





£2,077.50 x 4



Who will my coach be?

Your main group coaching sessions will be with Josh, who leads the Transform programme. Your monthly private session will be with your own 121 coach Hema. Your Strengths Assessment will be with Sarah. You may occasionally have additional coaching from relevant guest coaches. 

When does Transform start?

You can currently start Transform at any time.

What happens if I’m away during the next 4 months?

That’s fine – all of the modules are available for you to complete in your own time. Each live coaching session will be available as a replay and 121s can be scheduled to suit you. 

When do coaching calls take place?

Two of the Group coaching calls currently take place at midday on Thursdays, with the other call moving around on other days. We'll schedule your 121 calls on a day that suits you.

Why four months?

We get it – most people want to get this done quickly and move on with their life. But changing career is not quick – it can take time. We've designed the programme so that you can take yourself through the training at your own pace – as quickly as a month if you want to get it done straightaway, longer if you want to go at a slower pace. The training is available for the whole four months so there's no rush although our intention is that you get it done in the first four to six weeks so that we can then support you through the first months of making your career change happen.   


No problem. We offer a 14-day no quibble refund.

What if I can't make a coaching call?

All of the group coaching calls will be available as a replay for you to watch in your own time. For the Q&A sessions, you will be able to submit questions in advance so that your question can still be addressed. If you can't make your 121, that can be rearranged – just let us know in advance.  

Is this a group coaching or self-study course?

It's a beautiful mixture of self-study, group coaching and 121 coaching – enabling you to get the most out the programme. The modules are delivered by video and self-study. Fortnightly group coaching calls alternate mindset and Q&A. 121s allow you to go deeper, get unstuck and uplevel.

Join Transform for:










Still have questions?

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