I've created what I wish I had when I was changing career…

Bringing together everything I've learnt from changing career myself and helping hundreds of senior professionals like you to do the same.

It's not just a course. It's not just about getting another job. It's about bringing your career and your life back into alignment with who you are.

It's a programme that gives you the system and support you need to unlock your Aligned Career:


Fulfilment from work that is meaningful and aligned with your purpose


Balance to live as you want, rather than having to squeeze life around work


Financial freedom to live with ease and without unreasonable restriction.

That's your Aligned Career.

When what you do is aligned to who you are, what you do best and how you want to live then a whole different way of life is possible.

This is for you if:


You have spent 20-30 years working your way up a corporate, creative or public sector career. 


But now you're there you find yourself uninspired, unfulfilled and unexcited about what you do. Work feels all a bit pointless and you keep thinking that there must be more to life than this.


Yet you feel trapped by your success, haven't been able to work out what you want to do next and can't imagine how you can start again and still pay the mortgage.

It's not going to be for you if:


You’re just starting out or are earlier on in your career.


Your only priority is more money or an easier life, and you don’t really care what job you do to get it.


You just want someone to look at your skills and tell you what job you could do.

In Transform we do things differently.

Because a career change is not about a job.

It's about aligning who you are with what you do.

Which means to find the career that has you jumping out of bed in the morning you have to do something different.

You have to identify your unique Career DNA.

The crucial mix of who you are, what you can do and how you want to live and work.

It's this Career DNA that will finally allow you to know with total certainty what you want to do next in your career.

It’s why what we do is so different and it’s why our results are so life-changing.

I designed Transform this way because I tried every other way myself…

Scrolling LinkedIn; speaking to recruiters; reading self-help books; doing online-courses.

None of it worked.

I'd spent over 25 years building a successful corporate career, the last 14 as MD at a big communications agency.

It was a great job on paper – interesting work, lovely colleagues and clients, high salary, manageable balance.

A great job, but over time deeply unfulfilling and just not me any more.

And the longer I did it, the less and less I was able to ignore that…

I knew I had to do something else, but I didn’t know what.

That kept me stuck for years, getting more and more resentful and checked-out.

I made many mistakes before I finally worked out my Aligned Career.

Now I help people find theirs, without all those years of going round in circles.

“Working with Josh allowed me to find the potential within and truly believe in myself and what I have to offer the world. 

One of the best and most empowering decisions I’ve ever made”

  Trish, first career in education

How it works:

Your Unique Career DNA

Your own unique Career DNA is the missing piece in your Career Change.

Without it you can't bring your career back into alignment with who you are.

In Transform we help you get clear on the three key strands of your Career DNA

All under-pinned by a radical and life-changing approach to self-confidence and self-acceptance. 

It’s a powerful mixture of practical learning, mindset work and expert support. 

Let me walk you through it….

Transform is a mid-life career change programme designed specifically for mid- to senior professionals.


Is this right for you?

This is for you if you’ve reached that moment when the career you’ve worked so hard on has lost meaning for you.

When you know you don't want to do this any more but you don't know what you want to do instead.

And you feel like changing career without taking a pay cut is an impossibility.


“I was in a rut, searching for alternative jobs and reading self-help books. That strategy didn't work! 

With Josh's support and insight I am now completely clear on the direction to take my career and honestly, it feels incredible – my self confidence is soaring! 

Just take the leap and trust the process. It really does work.”

  Hannah, first career in the Construction Industry


What do we do?


I'm all about taking away the guesswork by having a simple, proven system to follow:

Module 1

First we help you get crystal clear on your unique Career DNA, mapping out exactly what needs to be a match to deliver your Aligned Career of fulfilment, balance and financial freedom.

Module 2

We then help you match 20-30 potential careers with your Career DNA, so that you can narrow it down to the one Aligned Career that you deeply know is the one for you. 

Module 3

We then break your entire career change down into a step-by-step action plan to give you a detailed roadmap to turn this career vision into reality.




That system sets out for you exactly how to identify your Career DNA and your Aligned Career.

It tells you the components that you need to make it work.

But to be successful at this you're going to need more than information alone.

You're going to need expert coaching.

You'll have questions that need answering. You'll have challenges that you'll need support through. And you'll need accountability to get through the bits that feel hard.

I take that seriously. I know that it's possible for you to transform your career in the same way I have. And I will support you to get there, even when you struggle to believe it.

And I can't do that with information alone.

So in Transform you have four coaching sessions a month to help you see what you couldn't see alone and keep you accountable and on track to your Aligned Career. 


Core CurriculUm


A structured, proven system to identify your Career DNA, match that with your Aligned Career and put together your own Career Transition Plan.


Three group coaching calls every month with Josh and a monthly private session with your accountability coach Hema, to give you the support you need.


A small community of like-minded career changers, for support, inspiration and encouragement.


Superpower Assessment

Independent Strengths Assessment with our Strengths Coach Sarah to identify your Superpowers

Monthly Breathwork

Live Breathwork Session with our Breathwork Coach Aparajitha to help you access a greater level of knowledge and self-awareness

Breathwork Session

Bonus Trainings

Immediate access to a library of additional training workshop and mini-courses

Resource library

Immediate access to a resource library of over 70 guides, classes and recordings

Transform Resource LIbrary


Still on the fence?

Here's what others have to say about Transform


“People who feel trapped in a corporate world or have no sense of purpose and direction of what they want in their life you can help A LOT – you’re like a rescuer of lost souls, and that is a beautiful thing..

David, first career in Project Management


“I was overwhelmed, burnt out and unhappy in my work after building a 15 year successful career. I'm now starting a career I love, on MY terms”

Bruna, HR


I am so happy and excited to have uncovered what I want to focus on in the next stage of my career! I feel so grounded and content.

Aparajitha, Tech


I began the programme feeling I had reached a dead end; I emerged with a clear idea of my future career and how to go about achieving it. This is not so much a career-change course as life-changing”

Toby, Media


I now have the work life balance I've craved for so long

Laura, Heritage


I've learnt more about myself than I ever thought possible and I now know exactly what I want my next career to be. Josh has made the impossible possible

Claire, Administration


“I have reached a point I didn't think would happen – for the first time ever I feel excited about the next 20 years of my working life rather than depressed”

Henrietta, Marketing


“This programme has me rediscovering my confidence and finding my superpowers. It has given me back my hope.“

Sarah, Local Government


“Thank you. You made a sizeable career change and move out of the city possible”

Mike, Advertising


“I just didn't see how it could work for me. I knew I'd still be in this job in ten years time. Probably for life. Now I know that nothing would stop me. It's going to happen. I cant quite believe the transformation”

Jan, Energy

Hi! I’m Josh

And I’m happy to meet you. I’m a midlife career change coach – specialising in helping successful, senior people work out how to do something more fulfilling, without taking a paycut or working all hours.

After twenty years in a corporate career, I designed a new life. Now I have my own business helping hundreds of people to get unstuck and identify their own Aligned Careers.

And when I’m not coaching you’ll find me shaking my thang to noughties dance music, bingeing on Drag Race and being unnecessarily competitive on my kids' school projects (ask me about the giant carrot).

Josh - London Life and Career coach

This is the shortcut you need

I get it. You should be able to work this out yourself. And how on earth can someone else help if you can't.

If you keep think about it long and hard enough then maybe you will eventually work it out.

But how long have you got to wait? 

And how much do you want to risk getting it wrong. 

In Transform we cut the time down from YEARS to just four months. 

And we help you avoid all the cost and heartache of an unsuccessful career change. 

By working with someone who has helped hundreds of people just like you work out exactly what they want to do next, you give yourself a shortcut to the better life and better career you've been wanting for too long.

Why keep waiting?

What is Transform

If it was easy to work out a second career that will give you fulfilment, balance and financial freedom everyone would be doing it.

So I've built a programme with a proven system and expert support …








To join Transform today is just £147

And then the same for each week of the programme.

(Pay in Full and Pay Monthly Options Also Available)

Join Transform for just

£147 per Week

(Pay in Full and Pay Monthly Also Available)




If you prefer to work privately with Josh in 17 weekly 121 sessions, you can apply below to do that.





£2,077.50 x 4



Who will my coach be?

Your main group coaching sessions will be with Josh, who leads the Transform programme. Your monthly private session will be with your own 121 coach Hema. Your Strengths Assessment will be with Sarah. You may occasionally have additional coaching from relevant guest coaches. 

When does Transform start?

The Transform group programme opens for new clients once a month – the next start date will be 1 July. Outside of this window you can join the waiting list.

Josh only works with three 121 Transform clients at a time – please email office@yourbestlifeuk.com to inquire about current availability.

What happens if I’m away during the next 4 months?

That’s fine – all of the modules are available for you to complete in your own time. Each live coaching session will be available as a replay and 121s can be scheduled to suit you. 

When do coaching calls take place?

Two of the Group coaching calls currently take place at midday BST on Thursdays, with the other call moving around on other days. We'll schedule your 121 calls on a day that suits you.

Why four months?

We get it – most people want to get this done quickly and move on with their life. But changing career is not quick – it can take time. We've designed the programme so that you can take yourself through the training at your own pace – as quickly as a month if you want to get it done straightaway, longer if you want to go at a slower pace. The training is available for the whole four months so there's no rush although our intention is that you get it done in the first four to six weeks so that we can then support you through the first months of making your career change happen.   

What if I can't make a coaching call?

All of the group coaching calls will be available as a replay for you to watch in your own time. For the Q&A sessions, you will be able to submit questions in advance so that your question can still be addressed. If you can't make your 121, that can be rearranged – just let us know in advance.  

Is this a group coaching or self-study course?

It's a beautiful mixture of self-study, group coaching and 121 coaching – enabling you to get the most out the programme. The modules are delivered by video and self-study. Fortnightly group coaching calls alternate mindset and Q&A. 121s allow you to go deeper, get unstuck and uplevel.


Still have questions?

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