Life audit: 20 Questions to ask yourself to get clear on what needs to change
Life audit: 20 Questions to ask yourself to get clear on what needs to change

All this week I've been sharing tools and practices to help you live a better life come next year, all of which can give your year ahead a clear focus that can help you achieve more than you otherwise would.

But what if, despite knowing that you need a change or a step up, you’re not quite sure where to start, or what to focus on.

I’ve put together 20 questions across relationships, work, health, money and self to help you get clarity over where to apply your efforts in the year ahead.



Do you spend time nurturing the relationships that support and enrich your life?

Are there unresolved problems or issues that make some relationships more negative or difficult than they need to be?

Do you stay in toxic relationships longer than is good for you?

Are you able to show up just as you are in your relationships and be accepted and loved or do you feel the need to meet someone else’s expectations of who you should be?


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Do you do work that you are passionate about?

Will you be able to look back on your work and career when you’re older and feel satisfied about the impact you’ve had on the world?

Does the way you work, and the work you do, enable you to live your life in the way that you want?

Do you enjoy your work?


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Health and well-being

Do you prioritise your health, taking the action you need to be as physically and mentally fit, strong and healthy as is possible?

Do you set yourself unrealistic or damaging health or body goals based on other people’s expectations of how you should look?

Do you eat and exercise consciously for enjoyment and health, rather than to escape difficult emotions or boredom, or out of compulsion?

Have you come to terms with getting older?


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Are you earning as much money as you would like to live the life you’d really love?

Do you have in-grained beliefs about money that make you under-earn, avoid promotion, or play small?

Do you believe deeply that you are worthy of earning whatever you want?

Do you feel comfortable with managing your money for your long-term security?


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Who are you giving your power away to?

Do you know who you really are?

Are you taking action to be the biggest, most successful, most impactful version of yourself you can possibly be?

What do you really want, and what are you doing to get it?


Run through these questions, answering them as honestly and simply as you can.

Take time to reflect on your answers, paying particular attention to any that make you feel discomfort.

Identify those areas of your life that are furthest from your ideal and think seriously about what would need to change to get to a place you are comfortable with.

Choose 2-3 that you will focus on this year and take action every single day to move closer towards them.


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