Ready to stop feeling lost, guilty and exhausted?

Done with feeling like you’re failing?

Your Best Life

Ready to stop feeling lost, guilty and exhausted?
Done with feeling like you’re failing?

‘Every day I question if I’m doing the right thing for me and my family and feel constant guilt at doing a rubbish job at home and at work’

You feel like you’re failing at combining career and motherhood and it’s making you miserable, destroying your confidence and leaving you feeling lost. You want to work and believe passionately that you should be able to but you just don’t see how any more. You’re exhausted, guilty and on the verge of giving up.

‘I love my job but I’m finding it harder and harder to juggle everything’

‘Between work needs, home needs and children needs, there’s no space left for my needs’

‘I work (and get paid for) four days a week but don’t have any less work as a result – it’s the worst of both worlds’

You’re seriously re-evaluating your career but you don’t know what else you could do and you can’t afford to start again. Your confidence is so low you’re just not sure you can face putting yourself out there. You’ve started to think that maybe the problem is you, that you’re just not up to it and that you can’t make career and family work.

You want to do work you love, that is meaningful and has impact. You want to live the values you believe in so passionately. You want a career that gives you freedom and allows you to work flexibly around your children. And you need some time for you, for your needs to be met, for the mental load to be shared.

At Your Best Life, we work with women just like you.

And we have a message for you.

There is another way.

We’re life and career coaches who help women leave behind lost, guilty and exhausted and claim:


Knowing your decision to work is the right one for you AND your family


Being clear on the skills, talents and value you offer


Doing work you love, that is meaningful and has impact 


Having the freedom to work around your family responsibilities


Making great money without sacrificing your values or your sanity


Being a role model for your kids


Feeling empowered and that you’re making choices about your own life


Having the time to meet your needs


Enjoying life and having fun again

Ready to stop feeling so lost and finally reclaim who you are?

Take our 2-minute Clarity Quiz and get a custom roadmap that helps you figure out what’s preventing you from living your best life (so you can break down those barriers and reach your life and career goals)

Next Steps

If you’re ready to claim your new life, here’s how you can work with us:

Josh - London Life and Career coach

Hi, I'm Josh 

And I was once lost too. With young kids and a big job, I was spread too thin, constantly guilty about not being at home enough and utterly exhausted. I felt like I was failing at work and as a parent. But I didn’t know what else I could do and I was pretty sure that whatever it was it wouldn’t pay the mortgage.

I found my new calling and today I'm a life and career coach. Your Best Life is my business and life really couldn’t be better. A job that lights me up, doing work that changes lives AND earns great money, incredible work/life balance that lets me be the kind of parent I want to be, and even some time for me.

It’s my passion to help you create a life that is just as good.


“My coaching sessions were incredibly positive with a defining sense of purpose, valuable in spanning across personal and professional capabilities, affirming and empowering”.

Pharmaceutical professional


“Coaching with you helped me clarify many aspects of my life! I feel stronger, less negative, less doubtful, more hopeful”.



“My life has changed drastically thanks to the coaching I had – I realise now more than ever that it's my life and I decide how it’s written. As a result, I’m equipped to better handle things that overwhelmed me before”.



“My coach helped me identify the underlying reasons why I was struggling so much with the various changes I was going through in my professional and personal life. After our work together, I now feel much more positive about the actions I need to take and the direction in which I need to travel”.


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